The end is coming - Feedback PLEASE

Many groups have presented already and some are still going tomorrow or Thursday. To be honest I am disappointed with the number of groups who have not been ready on time and say things like "I didn't know we had to do such and such.". EVERYTHING has been put on the blog - it is your primary information and guidance source. Yes, videos should have been put on Youtube, spreadsheets simulated during the presentation, mail merge letters shown after merging, links to spreadsheets published, etc.

Anyways, there are some great resources that you have worked hard on. Well done to those of you who have put your best effort in.

ONE final request - please give me constructive feedback, suggestions, and ideas about the Project. I have learnt a lot and would like to learn more through listening to what you have to say. Click here to Feedback.

Here are the results of your feedback:

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