Lesson 1 - Introduction to 'Chocoholics'

View the presentation about this new Project (press F11 for fullscreen):

Now, group leaders only should open the Gantt chart, click Edit this page (bottom right), click Sign in (top right), enter password, click File > Copy Spreadsheet... , click File > Rename and rename the file as 9.3 - name 1, name 2, etc.

Once the rest of your team have created their Gmail accounts share your spreadsheet to your group as collaborators. Complete your gantt chart together as a team.

5 minutes before the end of the lesson, open a New Google

Put the heading - "My Chocoholics Journal - What I did today", and then the date underneath as a subheading.

Write down what you did in the lesson. Screen hunts could be useful as well. Save it as name's journal.