Re: Lesson 1

Well, Lesson 1 didn't go as planned... as students started to sign up for new Gmail accounts, it started to come up with a fail message. I guess this was after about 10 new accounts were created. In discussion with our network administrator, we concluded that this was an anti-spam tactic by Google. As a school, each computer accesses the Internet through the same internet server and one IP address is allocated to the school. This means that when 20 odd people try and sign up for a new Gmail account at the same time, it appears that the requests are all coming from the same IP address (which is an indicator that someone has written a program (bot) to automatically create new Gmail accounts in order to use them for sending SPAM). So, Homework is to create a new Gmail account and hopefully in Lesson 2 at school everyone will be able to log in to Gmail and collaborate in doing the Project!

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