Lesson 7 - Deadline approaching


Many groups are progressing very well and have impressive resources developing.

A quick reminder about the Presentation. The purpose of the Presentation is to 'sell' / communicate your team's NEW CHOCOLATE BAR to the Chocoholics company. The Presentation should tell them about the new chocolate bar (showing off your the model you have made), its theme, how you will advertise it, what are its selling points, how profitable it will be (simulate an example or two), what info you will communicate to either the suppliers or customers (proof of mailmerge), and anything else extra you have done.
NOTE: The Presentation should be done in Google Docs, BUT if you want to do the template in PowerPoint first you can (and then upload it into Google Docs).

Don't forget your JOURNAL entries - it is your proof of your contributions! And that you have been doing homework each week.

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