Lesson 2 - Get into it!

  1. Everyone should have signed up for a Gmail account by now.
  2. Add your group members' email addresses to your Contacts in Gmail.
  3. If not done already; Group leaders should open the Gantt chart, click Edit this page (bottom right), click Sign in (top right), enter password, click File > Copy Spreadsheet... , click File > Rename and rename the file as 9.3 - name 1, name 2, etc, then share it to your group as collaborators.

  4. The Gantt chart needs to be completed by each team so that everyone has their tasks to do. (in silence)

  5. Now, start doing YOUR task(s).


Wrappers: Here are some wrappers to give you some ideas. Your group can sign up to the thread to add comments, otherwise just discuss it another way.

Spreadsheet: A letter has been sent to you here. Use Google Docs spreadsheet.

Database: A letter has been sent to you here. How many tables do you need in the database? If only one, then use Google Docs spreadsheet instead of Access.

more Notes/Tips in Lesson 3

Remember to make a journal entry! (see under Lesson 1)

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