Lesson 3 - do your task (s)

Some good progress made last lesson. Some group leaders still need to rename their planning spreadsheet properly and share it with me. See me or email me if you're not sure what I mean.

More Notes/Tips:

Logo: Here is an online drawing tool to try (certainly for initial drawings/sketches of your logo) - http://www.kerpoof.com/create Try out the tool for a minute or two and try out sharing it to your team (you will need to Register) to see how it works and what can be done with it. You will all need to use the same username and password and edit it one at a time. I cannot find a good multi-user online drawing tool - perhaps you can?!

Poster: The above online drawing tool could also be used for initial designs or even final poster. Otherwise use a Google document or Microsoft Publisher. Either way you will need a way to "collaborate" your poster with your team. Remember the poster will have to use your logo and go into your final presentation.

Video advert: Videos that you find online could be used in your video advert (credit should be given at the end to avoid copyright infringement). There are web resources that allow you to save an online video to your computer:

Remember that once you have completed your video in MovieMaker you have to save the actual new video file. (Just saving in MovieMaker saves a 'project' file which has details of titles, cuts, effects, with links to the movies and images used.)

Save it for Best quality for playback on my computer. If the quality is poor, then try a better quality setting.

Upload it to a video sharing website such as YouTube or GoogleVideo - then your presentation can include your video advert!

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